The Hope Grant Fund – The Foundation of Our 100% Giveback

All profit from the sale of textiles fund The Hope Grant Fund. The goal of The Hope Grant Fund is to break the cycle of poverty. To achieve that goal the fund is made available to participating artisans for grants in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Housing, Small Business or Community Development.

Unique to Threads of Hope, we fundraise for our overhead expenses so that not one penny of the profit from textile sales goes toward the charities overhead. What does that look like in real life? As of 2016, for a textile that sells for $100 USD, $85 is given to the artisan groups through payment for product and The Hope Grant Fund. The $15 difference pays for international and national shipping, US Customs fees, booth rental fees, and product tags – better known as the “direct costs of selling.”

The grants are vetted and verified each year to provide the data that shows the project is making the difference it proclaims. What are some of the tangible differences we see?

  • Young adult children graduating from trade school and higher education – nurse, chef, graphic designer, lawyer, certified mechanic, etc.
  • Scrap shanties being transformed over time into stable, sanitary, protective homes in which families can thrive.
  • Mandatory lower education fees met and higher education tuition met.
  • Medical needs met, with a transition to preventative care as their lives stabilize from crisis management to planning and proceeding.
  • Artisans training to increase their skill set, such as cosmetology, office administration, physical therapy, seamstress.
  • Business investments such as purchasing a market stall, sewing machine to expand cottage industry, and other small business investments.
  • Community shelter for artisan workshop and communal gathering place.
  • Livestock projects in rural communities.
  • Rural school children receiving schooling supplies and homes receiving lighting to support studies.

In total, since 1999, Threads of Hope has empowered $2.5M in economic benefits to the artisans and their communities via product purchases and The Hope Grant Fund.

“We dedicate the textiles with much love, caring, and a big strong hug for all. Even though you are far away, you are in our hearts.” – a ToH Artisan

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